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Student information

This website is designed to support all students in making the move into third level courses. The academic demands of a third level course are very different fromthoes you have been used to in second level and this site has very useful tips on how to deal with those demands and quickly improve your study skills in third level. It will guide you on how to set up an effective study system, how to take effective lecture notes and retain that key information. It will help you later on with your revision programme. QFL has information on how to do all of the following:

  • planning your study programme
  • finding out your learning preferences
  • making most use of your time
  • organising your writing
  • taking notes
  • planning and writing an academic paper
  • writing bibliographies
  • writing summaries
  • improving your writing techniques
  • answering examination questions
  • memorising vast amount of information
  • accommodations for students with disabilities

Best of all, is that you can access this information any time you need it.

Students with disabilities or specific learning difficulties such as Dyslexia may need additional study skills tuition due to the disadvantage of their disability or learning difficulty in a new learning situation. For example a student with dyslexia may need additional tuition in learning how to lay out an academic paper and may benefit from additional hours with a study skills tutor. If you have a disability or a specific learning difficulty you should approach the disability support services in the college or the access office for advice.

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Sections of this site have built on the work of many experts in this area. We especially want to acknowledge Joseph Lansberger, St. Paul, Minnesota for permission to draw on material from . While every effort has been made to contact the copyright holders of materials used, it may not have been possible to source them all: queries regarding this issue should be addressed to

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